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The essential guide for the future build and unit sales of battery electric and fuel cell electric commercial vehicles over the next two decades. Complete the form below to get started.


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Battery Electric

Technology development, infrastructure, battery density, adaptation, base case, and application best use scenarios.

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Fuel Cell Electric

Hydrogen and fuel cell infrastructure, challenges and opportunity, technology development, adaption, application best use scenarios

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Unit Build & Sales Forecast

20 year outlook of Classes 4-8 vehicles including price estimations over time, breakdown by vehicle application, and TCO analysis.

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Jeff Trent

Marketing Manager, Mahle

Battery Electric Vehicle

Total Cost of Ownership Analysis

ACT's electric vehicle TCO model is a third-generation archetype originating from our 2017-18 efforts,  evolving  through multiple independent, contracted TCO technology application analysis, addition contract work with the EMP and EPA, and input from 29 study participants over the course of 2020 and 2021. Within this analysis we provide insights regarding:

  • Unit Build & Sale Forecast 2021-2030, 2035, 2040
  • TCO Analysis of Classes 4-8 + 14 Sub-Segments + 23 Application Types
  • Adoption Rate 
  • Regulatory Review & Insight
  • Battery Technology Review & Analysis
  • Fuel Cell Technology Review & Analysis
  • Infrastructure Review, Including Hydrogen Analysis
  • and much more...

"It's fabulous. The information you’ll get out of that (ACT’s 2018 CEV Study) saves you the time it would take to gather it all yourself. We get a lot of information suppliers and OEM partners. . . [ACT was] able to bring it all together as well as add additional richness to it, so I would highly recommend you look to get it.”

Paul Rosa

SVP Procurement & Fleet Planning

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