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The ACT Research Freight Forecast provides an unprecedented look at the future of freight rates to help businesses in transportation and logistics management plan for the future with confidence.

3 Things to Know About the Current Freight Market:

1. Capacity is Rebalancing

2. Spot Rates Turning Positive

3. End of the Freight Recession

ACT's Freight Forecast was 98% accurate in 2019 on Truckload Spot Rates. February 2019 report forecast was accurate to the penny for Q4'19 results. 


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"Price is really the mechanism that is a signal to the truckers, especially spot prices, that now may not be the best time to order the trucks."  - Tim Denoyer, ACT Research

SupplyChainDive published an interview with Tim Denoyer on September 9 discussing the correlation between spot rates and truck orders. In the interview Tim reviews:

  • How shippers can used supply-demand balance to save money
  • Why capacity is the leading indicator of spot rates
  • Why spot rates are a leading indicator of truck orders and contract rates
  • How to plan for changes in truckload transportation capacity

Read the full article HERE4d1efb9240e444ac8081990ea567aed4


Only July 11 FreightWaves released an article discussing the state of the industry, referencing Tim Denoyer and Kenny Vieth and their perspective on what ACT Research is now calling a trucking recession.

Read the full article HERE. FW-LOGO2018-Color@5x 

What problems do you need to solve?

The Freight Forecast helps businesses answer questions to better solve problems. We let the data do the talking:

  • Market intelligence
  • Transportation budgeting
  • Capacity planning
  • Conditions of for-hire trucking industry
  • Spot and contract rate forecasting
  • Spot and contract rate negotiations
  • Dedicated equipment allocations
  • Rick management
  • Capital budgeting
  • Capital benchmarking
  • Guidance assumptions
  • Economic outlook of transportation sector
  • Financial condition of the industry
  • Direction of freight volumes and rates

ACT Freight Forecast Focus

Rate Projections

Gain an understanding of the pattern of supply and rates increasing transparency as businesses of all shape and sizes can plan and prepare for the next 18 months, working to understand future freight market imbalances. Our models saw the capacity crunch of 2017, accurately predicted the rollover in spot truckload rates which started in the middle of 2018 (as published in our N.A. Commercial Vehicle Outlook report), and they can help you to better understand where freight rates are headed from here.

Supply Side Knowledge

ACT Research has been analyzing the supply-side of freight for more than three decades. Using our foundational population modeling in conjunction with decades of supply-side research allows us to produce a truly unique rate predictions model.

Truckload Spot Leading Indicator

Need to know where spot rates are going? Our Spot Leading Indicator gives a unique, 3-month look "around the corner." For a history of the success of this tool, click here.