Featuring Hyliion's HyperTruck ERX

The team at ACT Research recently had an opportunity to Ride Along with Hyliion in their HyperTruck ERX, a Class 8 hybrid battery electric and natural gas powertrain. As one of the many Class 8 decarbonization opportunities available to fleets, we hoped to learn more about the HyperTruck ERX and how this vehicle fits into the matrix of ACT's renowned forecast and TCO model.

Join us for a ride and discussion with Hyliion to learn more about how they work to achieve net-carbon-negative commercial transportation.

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The reports [ACT Research] has produced on electric vehicles were unbelievable, incredibly valuable, and we tell our customers if you really want to go deeper into this conversation, go to [ACT Research]."

Paul Rosa, SVP Procurement - Penske Transportation Solutions


So are we...

For businesses working to understand the future of decarbonized Classes 4-8 vehicles, ACT Research has developed a groundbreaking report that collects and analyzes:

1)  propulsion systems evolution of battery- and fuel-cell electric, natural gas, internal hydrogen combustion, hybrid, and gasoline powertrains;

2) government regulations and subsidies; 

3) electric, hydrogen, natural gas, and gasoline supply and infrastructure; and 

includes a total cost-of-ownership model of 50 unique vehicle applications around the globe thru 2040.

If it sounds like a lot, that's because it is. Complete the form to learn more about CHARGING FORWARD, an economic-driven, bottoms-up analysis of the global decarbonization commercial vehicle market, and a one-stop resource combining first-hand industry knowledge of legacy and new entrant commercial vehicle market leaders with ACT’s expertise in analysis and forecasting to provide a first-of-its-kind business planning tool.